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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

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Robert Brown - Sports Massage Therapist In Ashburn VA
Robert Brown
Sports Massage Therapist

Robert Brown, Owner

Robert Brown is the owner and lead sports massage therapist for SportsMassagePros. Robert’s unique way of providing therapy by combining massage therapy and corrective exercise caught the eyes of the Stanley Cup world champion Washington Capitals Hockey Team for 2 ½ seasons. His contribution played a pivotal role in assisting the Capitals win their first ever Stanley Cup Championship.

Since leaving the Washington Capitals, he’s gone on to start his own business known as SportsMassagePros. In addition to running a very busy practice in 2018 to present, his unique way of providing therapy was also recognized by Georgetown University and was retained to consult and treat their track team with injury prevention and enhanced performance.

Washington Capitals Hockey

Robert worked for the Washington Capitals hockey team from (2015-2017) as the sports therapist. His duties included traveling with the team and treating players such as “Alex Ovechkin” on a daily basis. He treated the players for injuries, pain and general maintenance during his tenure there.

Washington Football Team
In Robert’s private practice in Sterling, VA. he still regularly sees players on a weekly basis. Most of the work he does for the players he sees, are more maintenance related in addition to helping them recover from any bumps and bruises from games or practices.
Georgetown University
Robert has been contracting with Georgetown University since 2018 to provide sports therapy for both the men’s and women’s track team. Just some of the things he’s treated the team for range from plantar fasciitis to hamstring tears and more.
Michigan State University
Was selected by the Michigan State basketball team to provide sports therapy to its players during the elite 8 NCAA basketball tournament which was held in Washington, DC.
Lindsey Cadle
Customer Care Coordinator

Lindsey Cadle

Lindsey Cadle is the Customer Care Coordinator at SportsMassagePros, she has been with Robert since the beginning. She is a Northern Virginia native and graduated from Radford University with her Bachelors Degree and Liberty University with her Master’s Degree. She is your go to person for anything you may need; Whether that is scheduling an appointment, billing or questions about the company.

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