With the winter weather around us, so many of our patients have been hesitant to come out and see us at the office. The snow, the ice, the slippery roads and walkways are not encouraging this time of year.

That being said, we have been meeting so many of our patients virtually so that they can keep up with their sports therapy from the comfort of their own home. We go through their home exercise programs, talk through uses for the exercise equipment they have at home and how it can be useful for their program.

We can look at their work set-up, how they stand to wash dishes (that is aggravating their back pain), their sleeping position (that is making them achy in the morning) and more! It’s such a great part of what we do and don’t hesitate to ask us more about our virtual options.

Back to the weather, after the last snowstorm a weeks ago, I came out of the office to a car full of snow. Snow to remove off of my car before you can drive anywhere was quite the feat. This got me to thinking about tips for the winter weather, protecting your back when shoveling snow and when you need to clean of your car AND what to keep in your car in case you get stranded in the cold temperatures. Check out this month’s blog on snow and back pain to read more tips…

With all this snow talk, ergonomic shovels and more in the office, a few patients have told me about their electric shovels too that are really cool and something to check out. Now a lot of them you need to plug in with an extension cord, but if you watch the videos…they look pretty awesome when you have a snow storm!

We hope that you are protecting your spine and body while being active and enduring the snow, ice and more that arrives this winter. If your back is talking to you after shoveling snow, don’t wait and call us today to make sure that it does not turn into a long-term issue. Don’t let your body hold you back from sledding, skiing, snowboarding and more this winter!