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- Dr. Josef

Dr. Josef Wollman’s success story

- Bill

Mr. Bill’s Success Story

- Erika

Success story during and after pregnancy

- Damien

As head trainer at a nearby gym, Damien was determined to help his clients who suffered from workout related pain. SportsMassagePros stepped up to the task and helped each client overcome their pain by discovering the root problem, explaining it in detail, and helping them find the solution to end their pain once and for all. Now Damien’s clients are living pain-free inside and outside of the gym! Watch the video above to hear how SportsMassagePros Helped Damien end his clients’ pain!

- Jennifer

I’m I’ve been suffering for about a year with plantar fasciitis I noticed that just would not go away, no matter what I tried. I got Robert on the phone and he was so reassuring offered me a free consultation, so I came on it to see if it could help me for I came to sports massage pros. I just regret waiting too long and not coming in sooner…

- Doug

After countless doctors visits and no success, Doug was determined to put an end to his forearm pain. SportsMassagePros worked with him to discover the source of the problem and helped him get into a routine to avoid pain in the future. After solving Doug’s workout related pain, SportsMassagePros even helped Doug’s daughter overcome a seemingly incurable sprained wrist! Now Doug and his family are able to get back to their life pain-free. Watch the video above to hear Doug’s success story!


At 60 years old, Maria was suffering from low back pain and shoulder pain that was slowing down her active life. Maria was worried she would have to give up the things she loved because of her pain. After her first visit with SportsMassagePros, Maria was already noticing a huge improvement in her movement in both her arms and back. Now she has better range of motion and is able to get back to her life without being held back by pain. She is even training for her third half marathon! Watch the video above to hear Maria’s story!

- Nazanin

After a serious car accident, Nazanin was struggling with severe shoulder and neck pain. She thought that she would have to live with her pain forever after an MRI from her doctor told her there was nothing wrong. Even after months of Physical Therapy from a different therapist, she saw no improvement. During her first visit, Robert was able to pinpoint and explain the cause of the problem and after only a few visits, she was feeling better. Now she is back to living her life pain-free! Watch the video above to listen to how Nazanin overcame her pain!


Military veteran Tammy had anxieties about getting back to the gym since her pain was making her feel slow and behind. With lumbar, back, and knee pain, and after several failed visits to the doctor, she felt she would never get back to where she used to be. SportsMassagePros worked with her to solve her pain and even bettered her perspective on herself! Tammy now lives without her pain and is excited to get back to the workouts she loves. Watch the video above to hear how she overcame her pain!

- E. Butler

Active adult and CrossFitter, E. Butler was in a lot of back pain which prevented him from living life. With severe back pain and little to no results after doctors visits, he felt he wouldn’t ever be able to live a normal, pain free life. SportsMassagePros worked with him to solve his pain, and even better, how to take care of his body in order retain mobility and prevent debilitating pain in the future. Elskin now lives without his pain and is excited to get back to the workouts he loves. Watch the video above to hear how he overcame his pain!


With chronic back pain, Krista was suffering to the point where she was having trouble standing and getting around. With severe back pain and little to no results after doctors visits, she felt she would never be able to live a normal, pain free life. SportsMassagePros worked with her to solve her pain, and even better, how to take care of her body in order retain mobility and prevent debilitating pain in the future…

- Rob

Rob was having trouble standing, sitting, and sleeping due to chronic back pain.  With reoccurring back pain and little to no results after other physical therapist visits, he felt he would just have to live with his pain.  SportsMassagePros worked with him to find the root cause of his pain, and even better, how to develop his body in order be more mobile and prevent pain from returning…


After seeing multiple providers and having several treatments with no success, Traci came in on a taster session and has completely turned around her sports related injury!  In her late 40s, she thought she was just going to have to live with her pain, but after seeing Robert, she is now back to her active life style and is keeping the pain away.

- Maria

Maria suffered from constant back & hip pain before seeing Robert.  She was impressed with how knowledgable and focused Robert was and was thrilled to finally find the cause of her pain.  Now she is back to her exercise routines and is living pain-free!  She has referred her husband as well! 


After months of missing out on running and exercising, Andrew went from not being able to walk more than a mile without severe knee pain turning into severe back pain to being able to run, cycle, and walk again! He enjoyed the clear explanation of what was wrong and the immediate plan of action to get him back to his favorite actives.  Watch the video above to learn more about Andrew’s recovery!

- Brandon

With a pain level or 8 or 9 from severe low back pain, Brandon couldn’t even lay down or get comfortable.  After the first visit, his pain has already decreased to 2 or 3.  With Robert’s help, Brandon is now living pain-free and is back to his favorite activities and back to training on his regular schedule with no pain! Warch the video above to learn more. 


Before coming to see Robert, she was in constant pain for 2 months. She couldn’t lay down and sleep, run or do most things without feeling pain. It’s a different kind of pain that she ever had before, and no matter what she did, it kept on staying. 

Robert helped her to figure out the best program for her. He reminded her not to give up when she’s starting to feel better because the pain would back. He ensured that she will have all the tools necessary so she can get better and go on with her life PAIN FREE!

- Michelle

Before she came to see Robert at Sports Massage Pros she is experiencing imbalance on her shoulders for about a year. The pain caused her to wake up during her sleep and hindered her to do her workout. She researched and tried to cure it on her own but none of the things she tried actually worked.  With Robert’s help she immediately felt improvement and and felt better sleeping at night.  She’s now back on track on doing her workout regularly.

- Mahala E.

Before she saw Robert, everything in her shoulder and back was super tight and she had limited mobility and the pain was very aggravating. It was painful to do the sport that she loved to play. 

Since she came here, almost everything in her life has become easier, like sleeping, driving, playing volleyball.

She feels refreshed and her muscles became loose, and she is prepared for the practices and games.

- Liana S.

She is normally an active person in her 40s, but before she came to see Robert, she was dealing with knee pain. She had it for at least a couple of weeks, but on-off for years before then.

She didn’t even feel comfortable walking. Nothing she tried helped her.

With Robert, it has been pretty amazing and the majority of the pain went away quickly.

- Jimmy C.

Before coming to see Robert at Sports Massage Pros, Jimmy was experiencing tightness in his quads which was slowing him down on the golf course.
Jimmy’s experience with Robert was a revelation compared to the dozens of other specialist he had seen before. “It’s really been a enjoyable, productive experience.”
He felt like Robert’s program was extremely customized and a great one-on-one experience. With Robert’s help, he was easily able to measure the results of his improvement and feel better.

- Irene

Over the years, I have seen many doctors and have to say what Robert has done for me is hands down the most effective work I’ve ever had done. I first came to Robert with a shoulder issue, where I had limited range of motion for years….within minutes he manipulated the right muscles and tendons and I found myself moving my arm over my head for the first time in a very long time. I’ve seen Robert now for shoulder, knee, back and neck pain and he has always been able to reduce the pain and increase my range of motion on the spot. The best part is he works with my schedule to find a time that meets my needs when I need him. I highly recommend Robert for any aches and pains you might have!”

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