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The game of golf has undergone a significant transformation since the late 1990s, with players at the highest level now focusing on preparing and maintaining their bodies for competition in a more powerful and athletic manner from an early age. This has led to an increased understanding among players that better fitness, biomechanics, and health can enhance their chances of performing at their best. To meet this demand, golfers today require instructors who are well-versed in the latest information on the sport. TPI-certified instructors and practitioners possess the necessary skills to assist golfers in optimizing their performance.

Golf Fitness in Sterling

Golf fitness is not about achieving a bodybuilder’s physique or becoming the best player on the Tour. Instead, it’s about being physically fit to play the game at one’s highest level without incurring injuries. It involves recognizing how a person’s physical limitations can impact their golf swing and knowing how to address those limitations through various means, such as swing instruction, physical therapy, or strength and conditioning exercises. It also entails keeping up to date with the latest technologies that can help enhance performance.

Acquiring Knowledge

Our TPI Level 1 Certified Golf Specialist will evaluate your physical limitations that may be hindering your swing efficiency, durability, and gameplay. By using the TPI Level 1 screen, we will assess your capabilities and help you understand how your biomechanics are correlated with the technical aspects of your swing. We will identify the key areas that may be impeding your performance and create a customized conditioning program that restores your movement efficiency, incorporates it into the technical aspects of your game, and maximizes your performance.

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Brandon P.

Robert is one of the best massage therapists out there. He assisted me in rehabilitating my left shoulder twice. The first, was a serrates issue and the second for a sub-scrap problem. Pain free today! He’s a first class professional with tons of knowledge. On top of that, Robert is just an upstanding good man. Highly recommend!

Maria C.

I met Robert at an OpenHouse for SoldierFit where I worked out, and he answered so many questions that I had about what was going on with my tight muscles. I scheduled an appointment with him soon after and he has helped me gain movement and mobility with my knees and helps get my knots out in my neck/shoulders which always tenses up. He is extremely kind, professional, and I look forward to my monthly massages! He also introduced me to cupping which honestly has opened a new path of healing. Could not recommend him more!