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Colby W.

I had an excellent experience with Sports Massage Pros. I tweaked my back working out and was in pain from how tight I was. Robert got me feeling way better after my 1st visit and pretty much back to normal after 4. I’m very happy to have chosen them to take care of my sports massage needs

Sadaf S

I have been going to sports and massage pro and getting my massage done from Robert for a few years. I had been suffering from neck and back pain for many years. Since I started getting my sports massage done from Robert I have been feeling wonderful pain has been reduced and the tightness and soreness of my neck and back has also reduced. As I always tell Robert that he does have techniques but God has given him healer’s hand . They have the power of healing . I will highly recommend Sports massage and pro . I drive about 55 minutes to get my services done and I am totally satisfied with my healer Robert.